Instructions for Accessing your Account

  • All staff in Abbotsford School District have a learn34 Google Account. The email addresses follow this pattern:
  • To Access your Learn34 Google Drive, launch the Google Chrome Web Browser and type in
  • If you are signed into Google with a personal Google account, sign out before proceeding.pasted_image_2016-10-26__11_48_am
  • Once you have logged out of all other Google Accounts, you should see the Sign In button
  • If Google does not recognize your Learn34 email address, or if you have forgotten your Learn34 password, please submit a support request HERE:
  • The first time you log in, you will be asked to create your own password.
  • Your new password should include the following:
    • 8 or more characters
    • A combination of upper and lower case letters
    • At least 1 number

For more information about using Learn34 Google or Google Classroom, please contact Deirdre Degagne or Gary Toews.